INDEAL Cares - Brand Identity & Website

INDEAL Cares is a not-for-profit organization focused on the global health and well-being of employees in North America – and globally – through a commitment to workplace wellness and holistic health. To learn more about Lordly Jones, please visit:


Brand Identity, Infographic, Website Design & Development (Desktop and Mobile)


As this was a new company launched by INDEAL in 2020, we were involved with the initial logo creation, website development, and supporting graphics. The goal for this extension of INDEAL was to support healthy workplace communities.

Communication idea:

INDEAL Cares was established in 2020 with a clear vision: to revolutionize the health and well-being of employees within the commercial furniture industry in North America - and globally - through a commitment to workplace wellness and holistic health. With this focus in mind, we developed a brand to reflect a pure and distinct personal connection with its audience while still connected to INDEAL.

  • A unique logo that also connects to the main corporate logo 

  • A website tailored for desktop and mobile platforms 

  • A new brand strategy and brand identity

The Logo

The circle, which represents wholeness, is divided into the 4 areas of focus, which together create a unified wellness approach. The colours used portray a health-oriented feeling and are used to highlight each specialty individually while providing overall brand appeal. The logo is shown here in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Website (desktop & mobile)

We designed the website to offer a layered approach through colour and white space in presentation of the various areas of information. This reflected balance of decisions, actions, and education - the best ways to support a healthy lifestyle. We used this formula to structure the website content to allow the viewer different avenues for accessing information and addressing calls to action. 


The website is functional on both desktop and mobile platforms to adhere to current digital requirements.