Lordly Jones creates unique, custom environments for businesses ranging from corporate offices to academic facilities, medical institutions, and more. Their inspiration and innovation through partnerships with some of Canada's leading furniture manufacturers offers clients a one-of-a-kind solution. To learn more about Lordly Jones, please visit: www.lordlyjones.com


Content Creation, Slogans, Positioning, Graphic Design, Website Design & Development (Desktop and Mobile)


The aim was to develop a website that represented Lordly Jones’ products and service offerings while catering to their designers and manufacturers within the Healthcare, Workplace, and Education sectors. 

We crafted the website to highlight current and relevant furniture and resources to make it easy for designers to navigate and to reflect why Lordly Jones is the ultimate go-to dealer for office furniture. We created the slogan - Work Well – to reflect a new focus of creating furniture solutions with health in mind. 

  • A website tailored for desktop and mobile platforms

  • A slogan for use across social media and marketing

  • An updated look for their brand to represent strength, evolution, and expertise

Website & Mobile Design

We designed the website with clean lines and easy navigation to create a user-friendly experience while offering visual interest with symmetry and balance to ensure each product presented was able to stand out.