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Graham Mathew - Website

Graham Mathew has been providing client and community-focused accounting and business advisory services for Southern Ontario clients, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and government agencies for over 50 years. To learn more about how they work with their clients, please visit:


Written Content, Website Design & Development (Desktop and Mobile)

Mountains in Clouds

Graham Mathew wanted to present their business profile and services through an updated website developed for both desktop and mobile platforms and compliant to current digital requirements.

Communication idea:

Graham Mathew already had their brand identity and company approach established, "In nature, adaptability is everything. In business, adaptability is our thing.” With this in mind, we developed a solution that complemented their current branding while incorporating their services, customer-focus, community engagement, and business profile. Graham Mathew’s genuine interest in customer needs and personal approach were also important to represent in their message and visual presentation. As a result, we created their website content around their brand approach and designed the site with a clean, clear, inviting, and fun visuals to reflect their dedication to the client experience.

  • An updated written content presentation for the entire website.

  • Updated visual content to represent brand image.

  • A responsive website tailored for desktop and mobile platforms.

GMCPA Mobile.jpg

Website (desktop & mobile)

We leveraged the client's previous site along with information on their recent community involvement for direction and inspiration for new written content. The Graham Mathew logo has a cool blue tone, so we designed the website using this colour and complementary colours for the site's palette to offer overall brand integration and appeal. The imagery that was chosen reflected the messaging along with their brand identity, collaborative approach, and customer focus. The clean, focused and precise design was important to reflect the quality, accuracy, professionalism, and dedication required for truly exceptional Accounting services. We used the circle in their logo throughout the site to tie it in with elements of movement and personality. With their focus on community and client care, we wanted to highlight the areas they operated in by showing beautiful images from Cambridge and surrounding cities. Their diverse and award-winning services were presented on the home page as a way of sharing how they work to help their clients and the credibility they have earned through that work with users. The result was a unified, streamlined, comprehensive, engaging, and user-friendly site. 

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