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Old Marina Restaurant - Website & Print Collateral

Located in a tranquil setting on Puslinch Lake, the Old Marina Restaurant has delicious food and beverage offerings and has become a regional gathering place that merges the everyday with the extraordinary. To learn more about Old Marina Restaurant, please visit:


Content Creation, Slogans, Positioning, Website Design & Development (Desktop and Mobile), Print Menu & Poster Design

Old Marina Banner.jpg

The Old Marina Restaurant's rich and unique history was an entity that needed to be preserved in their website update, which required adding a modern appeal for their existing and new clientele while keeping with their traditional flare.

Communication idea:

The food, the ambiance, and the location were key focal points to highlight in the design. Because the Famous Puslinch Burger is one of the main reasons people visit the restaurant, we made it main feature within the menu highlights while also enhancing the other highlights unique to their customer experience such as unparalleled sunsets, a feeling of home away from home, and their newly updated lakeside Dockside venue.

  • A website tailored for desktop and mobile platforms presenting a lakeside retreat with a family setting

  • An online menu and gift card option for purchase

  • Application of the newly updated website design across brand materials, including printed menus and posters, for a consistent look across all digital and print mediums

Old Marina Reviews.jpg
Old Marina Mobile.jpg


The menu design was presented digitally and in print using a similar design concept to ensure consistency across both mediums. The food allergy and lifestyle-friendly symbols were designed to provide a visual guide at first glance, a cohesive approach to clear communication of options, and to highlight the variety of food options that the restaurant offers. 

Old Marina Menu1.jpg
Old Marina Menu2.jpg
Old Marina Menu Icons.jpg
Old Marina Daily Specials Posters.jpg
Old Marina Brunch1.jpg

Throughout the website, the restaurant highlights a few of their offerings visually with the use of banners. We carried the same design used on the website through to posters within the restaurant to allow for various touch points to reach customers and drive business.

Poster & Web Banner

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