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Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) - Digital Newsletter

OTIP serves the insurance needs of Ontario education members and their families through personalized, high-touch service solutions that meet and exceed expectations.


Graphic Design

OTIP Banner Page.jpg

The OTIP digital newsletter redesign was streamlined to highlight key important news items for their members.

Communication idea:

We decided to design the newsletter with a similar presentation on Instagram to reach out to all demographics. Using large photos and short call-outs to grab the viewer's attention made the newsletter more inviting, fun, and attractive. The use of the seasonal images worked as a backdrop to highlight new issues of the newsletter.

  • A custom desktop and mobile newsletter template for OTIP to populate and deploy internally to their specific group of members

  • A series of 4 banners to be used for each quarter as a consistent campaign approach

The Banners

As the seasons change, so does the news. These banners were designed to reflect a seasonal approach through the use of different colours and photos. This approach added an element of innovation, appeal, and clarity to the distribution of the newsletter. 

OTIP Your Benefits Newsletter.jpg
OTIP Newsletter Banners.png
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