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“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” ~ Marc Anthony

This statement has become so true for me.


Design is not work for me. It is me. It is where I am my happiest. From an early age, I would infuse myself in the process of creation, of trying new things – textures, colours, styles, and I knew that I needed to turn my passion into my business so that I could spend my life doing what I love. 


My inspiration not only comes from my love for design but also from my family. I am a mom to two beautiful children who make me laugh, remind me of the wonder of the little things in life, and inspire me every day. I am married to my wonderfully supportive husband and best friend who keeps me grounded and reminds me of my strength.


In 2001, I decided to pursue my passion - to find my happy - and I started my career as a freelance graphic designer. And I have run with it. It has given me a chance to work with amazing businesses that change the world with their products, their services, and their research. I love that I can help them connect with people in a personal, professional, and exceptional way. Clients are gateways to creativity, ideas, and endless possibilities.


Life is precious and short, and we get one shot to be happy in it, which is why I follow my mantra: Care, Engage, Create.


I am the founder and owner of Sentrik Inc. where I let my creativity flow, help clients fulfill their brand goals, impact their business, celebrate their successes, and continuously learn about my passion. 


So welcome to Sentrik - my world, my vision, and my commitment to excellence. I sincerely look forward to “working” and “creating” with you - now and for many years to come.

Design beyond expectations!
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