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Reach new heights with your brand

Take your already established brand and online presence to the next level with a fresh perspective to ensure that, now more than ever, you continue to stand out in the crowd and offer value to your customers. 

When it comes to adding ecommerce to your business model, we can help you make the seemingly daunting transition to online sales quickly and easily. 

What you get:


Direct access to our designer to help customize your online store using one of the Shopify plug-and-play themes. We work with you to design solutions based on the size of your business, your marketing channels, your website sophistication, your online purchasing requirements, and your target audience to establish the right formula for you. 


Content creation suited to your industry and audience that we then use to enhance Shopify's built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. We increase searchability for your business behind the scenes through strategic use of industry-specific terms, content, title tags and more...


We utilize the marketing tools integrated within Shopify to attract the right customers and promote your product through a consistent brand approach. Integrating your brand across your preferred social media channels will maximize your ability to reach your customers beyond your site, and boost store traffic; setting the foundation for your customer research, engagement, and brand evolution. This interconnected strategy offers a seamless user experience. 

Elevation digital solution deliverables include:

  • Ecommerce Website Design

    We use our creative design and branding background to customize your online storefront using Shopify as our preferred platform.

  • Content Creation

    Website content creation and SEO integration using Shopify's built-in tools.

  • Online Strategy

    Social media set-up for a unified, multi-platform, consistent brand approach. 

  • Grow

    Use your metrics and insight reports to help you evolve and scale your business further.



  • Logo, corporate identity, and visual branding.

  • Email marketing design and automation set-up.

  • Custom banner ads for your digital marketing campaigns or website.


Solution can be enhanced or customized further to suit your specific business requirements and reach your target audience.