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Sentrik has worked within the marketing industry for over two decades. Having established a reputation for quality, reliability, and creativity, we now have clients across industries ranging from academic to corporate, sales to manufacturing, and healthcare to high tech. As a result of continuous education and expansion, what started as a small design firm has now grown to support multi-faceted design solutions for clients. 

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We specialize in brand development, graphic design, and visual content creation

From large multinational corporations to small start-up companies, we have a business model enabled to support your needs and propose solutions that suit your business. How do we do it? 

Brand Strategy

We take what makes you unique and position your brand to be impactful and engaging.

Brand Identity

We use experience, expertise, knowledge, strategy, creativity, and imagination to design and develop brand concepts for every customer platform.

Brand Communications

We create engaging marketing concepts, captivating visual content, and interconnected brand collateral to keep you connected with your customers in any on or offline format. 

We value our clients and foster relationships

Our authentic approach in all that we do is what defines us. Communication and collaboration to provide the best client experience possible are what drive us to be the best we can be.

The core of our design strategy is creating a lasting impression for clients through high-quality solutions held to even higher standards in order to create a cohesive and timeless brand identity.





Your brand goals are our mission. We work collaboratively with you throughout the creative process, leveraging your experience and expertise and learning all that we can about your business and industry, so we can fulfill your brand mission. 

We see the possibilities as endless and transform what we learn into a unique, impactful, and engaging complete brand strategy tailored to your business needs. 



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