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Altruck - Brand Update

Since 1977, Altruck International Truck Centers has grown into one of the biggest International® dealers in Southern Ontario providing services for buying and selling transport and technology solutions that range from truck sales to parts and technology.


Corporate Identity - Logo Design, Print Collateral, Print Management, Website Design & Development (Desktop)


Being an established brand, Altruck engaged us to update their logo and brand presence for future growth and expansion.

Communication idea:

We focused heavily on the logo design as the foundation for their brand presence. We designed a very in-depth and intricate logo with the option for a simpler design to be used as appropriate for marketing collateral. The 3D effect for the logo was applied to represent the strength and fortitude of we see and connect with trucks. As Altruck is a family owned and operated business, we also wanted to apply these qualities to their logo to create a connected representation of product, service, and integrity.

  • Logo and corporate identity for Altruck International Truck Centres

  • Folder for sales “leave behind”

  • Website design

The Corporate Identity

We created a 3D design as a symbol to house the wordmark logo for use in various marketing elements such as their website and online media presence. The simpler version of the logo, using just the wordmark, offered more flexibility when used on the trucks, signage, and print collateral. The colours reflect the chrome so connected with trucks, and the fonts used add to the strength and longevity of the business. The website has since been updated, but shown below was the landing page we designed to introduce the new website in 2011.

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