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INDEAL - Idea Book 2020

INDEAL helps furniture dealers achieve next-level goals by providing a product-focused strategy, comprehensive learning platform, quality marketing tools, and time-saving services and solutions.


Graphic Design, Art Direction


The Idea Book is a yearly presentation with a suite of print and digital books showcasing office furniture and products to help provide focus for clients while they design their space. We design these books annually to keep with the current industry trends and provide ongoing visual appeal.

Communication idea:

Detail and more detail - In this case, the detail is in the design, and with this idea in mind, we decided to focus on the furniture textures for each cover. The Contract Market industry now offers a wide range of manufacturers. To stand apart in this industry, a little peace and quiet is necessary. It is for this reason that we chose to design this series using a simplistic approach with a lot of white space. This offers designers the opportunity to really hone in on the furniture without background distractions. We went with a softer pallet for these books to reinforce a more tranquil and health-oriented mindset, which portrays a balance within the workspace environment. The hint of colour throughout the books is used as a watermark to highlight each section within the book.

  • Template design and creative direction for the new 2020 inside page layout

  • Design of 12 covers for the suite of books

  • Design of introductory pages for the suite of books

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