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Mark Nunes - Brand Update

Mark Nunes was established in 2000 with a goal of providing quality luxe label garments for men and women supported by onsite professional tailoring.


Corporate Identity - Logo Design, Print Collateral, Print Management, Art Direction


Mark Nunes Clothier & Tailors established their company and reputation for top quality clothing and tailoring in 2000. As the company grew, they re-opened in the Bauer Marketplace in 2010 under the name Mark Nunes. With the new trendy location, Mark Nunes wanted to create a modern and timeless brand identity. We were able to accomplish their goal, as 10 years later, the logo and brand are still current with design standards and trends.

Communication idea:

With the expansion of their retail and tailor stores, we wanted to reflect an image of classic meets modern and highlight that they cater to both men and women. It was also imperative that we associate their brand with the brands that they carry, and in our research, we found that all luxe brands follow a very simple approach with focus on their names.

  • Logo for Mark Nunes and Mark Nunes Tailors Stationery

  • In-store details to connect the logo and collateral for an overall brand appeal

The Corporate Identity

We used a serif classic font for the name MARK and a contemporary font for the name NUNES. We took the classic and contemporary approach even further with the use of all uppercase letters for the name MARK and all lowercase letters for the name NUNES. The circles that highlight the "M" have a thin and thick frame that meet in the middle to represent the two connected companies. The circle and square represent their male and female clientele. The colour palate will stand the test of time and can be used with many complementary colours or patterns as future colour trends may evolve. 

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