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OrthoMed Canada - Brand Update

OrthoMed has been a top provider of off-the-shelf and custom orthopaedic solutions for over 20 years. Their comprehensive range of braces, supports, and therapy products offers advanced designs that are clinically proven to improve mobility, reduce pain, and provide needed protection.


Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print Collateral, Print Management, Art Direction


As OrthoMed was an established brand, preserving their brand identity was important. The goal was to update their brand identity and implement the new design approach across the various business platforms for a cohesive result.

Communication idea:

To enhance OrthoMed's established brand while keeping its integrity, we took a fresh approach through minor updates to their logo and brand identity. We kept their original fonts and colours, but added small details to enhance the already reputable brand.

  • Corporate die-cut brochure highlighting all current products and services

  • Main office signage (interior, entrance, road pylon, exterior building)

  • Single-page handout for a specific target audience

  • A series of sales sheets for various products highlighting their features and specifications

  • Trade show collateral (pull-up banners, table cloth, hand outs)

  • Miscellaneous print collateral for their shipping department

  • Script pads for their clinical staff

  • Website ads and banners to fit within their established e-commerce site

Signage - Interior and Exterior

Trade Show

Shown here are two portable pull-up banners for use at various events. We also designed, and fulfilled through our print partners, table cloths and collateral to hand out at these events.

OrthoMed Banner.jpg
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